Nixtorm interior
Nixtorm exterior
Vital statistics
Type Ice
Level 10-20
Location Northern Ransei
Inhabitants Mitsuhide, Hiroko, Hidemitsu, Gracia

Nixtorm is a kingdom located in Northern Ransei. It is the residence of Mitsuhide Akechi, his wife Hiroko, and his children, Hidemitsu and Gracia. The specialty of Nixtorm is Ice.

Arena Edit

Nixtorm's arena is entirely made of ice and snow. Pokemon who are not Ice or Flying type, or who do not have the Levitate ability, will slide in one direction, almost to the end of the arena. There is some drifting ice that will carry you to another end. There is also Thin Ice, which cracks when it is stepped on twice. It is refrozen after three turns.

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