Keiji 1

Keiji in his first stage.

Keiji 2

Keiji in his second and final stage.

Keiji Maeda is one of the supporting characters. Like Masanori, Kiyomasa, and Mitsunari, he is a Warlord, but not recruitable in the main story. He teaches the player how to link with Pokemon, recruit others, and, after the player beats one of Nobunaga's kingdoms for the 1st time, gives them one Firestone, Waterstone, and Thunderstone to evolve Eevee.


  • He, like Masanori, Mitsunari, and Kiyomasa, has a story/event but isn't a Warlord in the 1st story.
    • Also, his Pokemon aren't shown, like the last 3.

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